Diverse Vendor System

PLEASE NOTE: All minority, women-owned and veteran vendors and suppliers must register their company through the Kent State University’s Supplier Diversity on-line process. All supporting documentation must be scanned and/or attached via upload within our registration system. The information you provide may be subject to Ohio Public Records Act. Please do not send certificates or logos in hard copy. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 330-672-2276. 

If you are already registered in the KSU Supplier Diversity Database:  Attention!!

1.       Create an Account – Even if you are already in database…  (This will link you to your existing profile)

2.       Use email of contact person already listed in database (hint:  the email you received notice of RFQ)

3.       Visit the KSU Supplier Diversity Website to download copy of “how-to-workbook” follow steps exactly

4.       Every diverse supplier must update their profile—it has changed completely—old profiles are obsolete!!

If you are new to the KSU Supplier Diversity Database:

1.       Create an Account

2.       Make sure the ‘contact person’ is the person who should receive bid notifications

3.       Visit the KSU Supplier Diversity Website to download copy of “how-to-workbook” follow exactly

4.       Now go back to log-in using your new log-on and password.

5.       Start your NEW profile.  (Only start a new profile if you are not currently in the database.

ENTERING A VENDOR NAME:  Once you begin to enter your company/vendor name, pay special attention to see if you are already in the system.  If your company/vendor name appears below the text box in "blue", STOP!  You are already in the system and need to go back to the first step about "if you are already in the system".


Please use the "How To" Booklet when registering... click on the following link: https://www-s3-live.kent.edu/s3fs-root/s3fs-public/new-vendor-workbook-2.pdf 

Login into the Supplier Diversity Database