New Process Instructions

Bid responses are now processed using DocuSign!

Important note: DocuSign time stamps upon clicking "FINISH" for submission. The DocuSign "Certificate of Completion" signed timestamp is the official and legal time submitted. If the signed date and time is after the given due date and time, the proposal will be rejected.  This includes beginning the Docusign process prior to the bid close, however signing and lapsing the official due time.

DocuSign Official Time Stamp

Basic Instructions on how to submit a proposal to a bid:

  • As an authorized signer, click the Bid's "Respond to" link in the 'SUBMIT' column.
  • Fill in your full name and email.
    • Docusign will then request an access code.
  • The access code will be emailed by DocuSign to you. Once received, use the code to enter into the bid's submission form.
  • As the form loads, check the box to affirming the use of electronic and legally binding signature.
    • Select "Continue" to begin the form.
  • Carefully, follow through each form. Answer and submit information as requested.
  • The proposal for submission will be uploaded on Form 1. The document must be uploaded as single PDF file. Any additional spreadsheets or forms to the bid must be included in the submission as a second attachment.
    • In addition to its PDF file attachment, spreadsheets in .xls format must be emailed directly to Contract Manager if it is a requirement of the Request for Proposal
  • All uploaded forms will be presented after the Kent State University Bid Submission Form. Check all documents before selecting "FINISH" when the form is complete.
  • To review the official time stamp of completion: before closing, select the "Other Actions" drop-down option and click on "View Certificate". The 'SIGNED' time stamp is found under the signer's events.

The signer will not receive a submission response email. However, a DocuSign notice of completion will be emailed when the Contract Manager has viewed and recorded the submission

For a pictorial guideline and additional information, use the Detailed Instructions for Bid Submission

Questions relating to the new process may go to the Procurement Department at

Important information before responding

To view current bids accepting responses, go to the Active Bid Opportunities Webpage

To learn about the status of a closed bid, go to the Closed Bids Webpage

Kent State University Procurement Bid Response FAQ