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Program Review: Procedures, Timelines, Templates, and Guidelines


~ Self-Study Report ~

The academic program review self-study report constitutes the foundation of any review by providing critical information to review committees, administrators, and other stakeholders. The Self-study gives the opportunity for program faculty and staff to step back and collectively examine programmatic strengths and weaknesses in areas such as curriculum, student learning assessment, resources and facilities. 

Self-Study Requirements
To assist units with assembling Self-study, a template is provided below. This template outlines important questions and topics to cover within the Self-study report. Please follow this template when constructing the Self-Study report for greater consistency and readability.

  • Self-Study Report Template

Data Collection
There are some specific data that will needed in order to complete the Self-study report. This information is identified within the Self-study report template. To expedite obtaining this information a contact name is listed below for any area that may need to be contacted. 

  • Institutional Research
    Valerie Samuel
    Institutional Research Info Officer
  • Survey Research Lab
    Greg Gibson
    Director of Survey Research Lab
  • Institutional Advancement
    Kat Abel
    Associate Director, Advancement Services
  • Research and Sponsored Programs

~ Executive Summary ~
In addition to completing the Self-study report, a one to three page summary is required to be submitted as a separate document but alongside the Self-study. This summary should be written with the following guidelines kept in mind.

  1. Big picture overview of the program(s)
  2. Include highlights or points of pride for the unit or program(s)
  3. Include any challenges or difficulties that the unit or program(s) face, as well as ideas or plan to overcome them.