How do I gain access to Taskstream?

Please contact AAL Assessment and be sure to include the following information:




Phone number

What program(s) you require access to


She will make an account with your credentials and contact you when this is accomplished. 

What do I do if I am unable to edit information in Taskstream?

Please remember to select the green CHECK OUT button which will enable you to see the EDIT icon and will allow you to make your changes. If this does not solve the issue please contact AAL Assessment.

What happens to the data if I need to change a program's name?

If a program goes through an name change, the Office of Accreditation, Assessment and Learning will NOT create a new program, but will adjust the existing program. This will allow the unit to run reports longitudinally for the program. 

How do I combine programs?

Be cautious when you want to combine programs together in the system (for example, combining Program XXX, BA degree, and Program XXX, BS degree). The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will want to know why these are two different degrees but have the same learning outcomes. However, perhaps you plan to have, and report on, Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) common to both, but then report an additional SLO specifically for the BA and an additional SLO specifically for the BS. This would be an acceptable approach to combining degree programs in Taskstream while making it clear that they have different SLOs.


If there is information already entered in both the BA and the BS as they currently stand, there is no way to combine them without some sacrifices. We will create a new combined Program XXX BA/BS so that you preserve the data of both separately, but then going forward you will have a combined workspace. If one or both currently does not have previous data entered, we will rename one to Program XXX BA/BS, and inactivate the other one.

How do I change the current workspace template?

Taskstream AMS is primarily a tool for you to document learning outcomes, develop assessment plans, align outcomes to standards…etc. However, the customization of the existing template is possible. Please contact AAL Assessment to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

How do I publish materials to the web?

When you publish to the web, you can set a password along with a link you can share out. This provides additional security, so only authorized individuals can see the information. Also, you can select specific components to display in your reports.

Who can I contact if I have any additional questions?