Course Workflow FAQ


Where do I go to submit a proposal to establish, revise or inactivate a course?

The former paper CCP forms and Basic Data Sheets have been moved to an electronic workflow. Log onto FlashLine, click the My Action Items tab. The Course Catalog Update workflow is located in the Workflow & Utilities box.

Who can fill out a workflow and submit it?

Anyone with a Banner ID can submit a workflow. If someone is completing the workflow on behalf of a faculty member, he/she should indicate as such in the field on the last page (e.g., "Faculty member submitting this proposal: Susan Jones on behalf of Professor Bob Smith"). The workflow travels the curricular approval process based on the course subject not the initiator.

Why can't I open a workflow?

Several reasons:

  • You may have your pop-up blocker activated. In the Menu Bar, click Tools, then Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker.
  • You may be off campus and do not have the proper remote access (KSU VPN–ERP access). Submit a ticket with the online support center.
  • You may not have the required role for this work item. Submit a ticket with the online support center.
The college/department/course subject I want is not in the drop-down list, what do I do?

Contact Therese Tillett to discuss.

Do I need to complete and submit the workflow in one sitting?

No, you may work on a workflow as long as you want, and it will remain in your worklist as "Saved as Draft" until you submit it. Each page is saved when you click the Next button at the bottom of the bottom. When you are ready to edit the document again, make sure you are opening the workflow from your worklist and not the historical view.

How can I view the contents of the workflow before I actually start one?

Both the Course Catalog Update Manual and the 2009 Curriculum Guidelines have screen prints of the contents for the three actions of the workflow—to establish, to revise and to inactivate.

How do I save my workflow without submitting it?

By clicking the Next button at the bottom right of each page, the previous page is automatically saved. You may click the X at the top right to exit, and all previous pages will be saved. By clicking the Finish button toward the end of the workflow, you may safely click X and leave the workflow. It will remain in your worklist (“saved as draft”) until you are ready to submit.

The workflow won’t let me move to the next page until I complete some fields. However, I don’t have the information yet to fill out those fields, what do I do?

The workflow will prompt you if required information is missing or if data must be typed a certain way. If you are developing a draft and do not have complete information, enter placeholder text such as “TBD,” “TK” or “pending” in the required fields to be able to advance to the next page. Remember to go back and complete those fields before submitting!

How do I share the workflow with colleagues before I submit/approve it?

After you click Finish or Complete, the next page will be the full proposal. At this point, you’ll be able to print the document or print to PDF (if you have Adobe or another PDF-maker application installed). Afterwards, you may exit the document, and it will still be in your worklist.

What does the word “performing” mean next to the workflow name in my worklist?

The performing status in the first column of the worklist indicates that you started the work, but never clicked the Complete button to push it to the next approver.