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Establish a new certificate

Effective 1 July 2011, certificate programs that are eligible for federal financial aid for students are considered under the "gainful employment" regulations. Therefore, institutions are required on annual basis to disclose in a public manner (e.g., university catalog, department websites), data on on-time graduation rate; job placement rate; tuition, fees and costs of books and supplies; median loan debt incurred by the students; and occupations for which the certificate will prepare/has prepared the student. Academic units will be responsible for submitting the job placement rates. For more information on policies for a certificate program at Kent State, consult the curriculum guidelines for programs.

Complete the following:

  1. Certification of curriculum proposal (CCP)
  2. Notice of intent to offer an educational program form
  3. Memos concerning impact, duplication or support, if applicable, that affects academic units and/or campuses' resources (staffing, facilities, library, finances, student services)
  4. Catalog copy, including course, admission and graduation requirements (see the online University Catalog for examples of certificates)