Faculty Senate Membership

Currently, there are 48 Senators representing 21 different electorates, 27 non-voting Ex-Officio members, and 3 Observers (1 Emeritus Professor, 1 Graduate Student Senate, and 1 Undergraduate Student Senate).  Senators are elected each year on a rotating basis for three-year terms.  Each year, the Senators elect the Executive Committee, which consists of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and an At-Large member.  In addition, 2 appointed members are selected for the Executive Committee.


2019-2020 Faculty Senate Membership:

  • Senators for AY19-20  [PDF]
  • Ex-Officio & Observers for AY19-20  [PDF]


2019-2020 Executive Committee Members:    

  • Pamela E. Grimm,  Chair
  • Robin S. Vande Zande,  Vice Chair
  • Edward Dauterich, Secretary
  • Tracy Laux,  At-Large
  • Zhiqiang "Molly" Wang,  Appointed Member