Guidelines Concerning Academic Standing of  Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Guidelines Concerning Academic Standing of  Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  1. The Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee has considered the impact of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on student academic standing. This disruption, including the change to remote delivery, has potentially had a significant impact on students.
  2. Given that student academic standing may have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend the following:
    1. Academic Dismissals. Suspend dismissals for academic reasons due to student academic performance during Spring 2020. Students who meet the criteria for academic dismissal during Spring 2020 will be put on academic probation for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020.
    2. Academic Probation. Do not place students on academic probation due to their academic performance during Spring 2020. The only exception are students who would have been subject to academic dismissal (see 2a). Students currently on academic probation will continue to be placed on academic probation depending on their academic progress.
  3. We recommend the following specific to graduate students only:
    1. Graduate Student Conditional Admission. Extend academic conditional admission requirements for Spring 2020 through Fall 2020.
    2. Graduate Student Time-Limits. Extend program time-limits for current graduate students (enrolled during Spring 2020) by one year.
    3. Graduate Student Leave of Absence. Allow graduate students who currently do not meet the criteria for a leave of absence to apply for a leave of absence. We recommend academic programs apply flexibility in reviewing and approving leave of absence requests during Spring and Summer 2020. We recommend allowing graduate students whose leave of absence is set to expire at the end of Spring 2020 to extend the leave of absence through Fall 2020.
  4. Banner systems are being addressed to make these changes occur. The schedule of end of term processing may have to be adjusted accordingly.