Guidelines Governing the Creation or Modification of Interim Policy in the Event of Campus Disruption

  1. The Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee will develop plans, processes and may propose temporary additions or changes to existing academic policies and/ or procedures designed to ensure academic and administrative units in Academic Affairs can continue to provide important campus functions during the disruption caused by COVID-19. The group is especially concerned with those issues critical to the continued academic progress of our students. The group includes representatives from the Office of the Provost, Division of Enrollment Management, Division of Information Technology, Faculty Senate and AAUP- KSU representing both TT and FTNTT faculty.
  2. While there may be some proposed changes of a lesser nature which can be agreed upon within the Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee and forwarded for approval to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, any group member may request to elevate an item and seek additional consultation with other bodies as appropriate, including but not limited to UDC, URCC, GDAC, EPC, Division of Enrollment Management, Human Resources, Professional Standards Committee, Faculty Senate and/or AAUP-KSU Executive Committee.
  3. If a proposed action requires additional consultation, the Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee will agree on the timeline for consultation, refinement and review of the proposed action item.
  4. Once a proposed action item is ready, a vote of the Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee will take place. Any item passed by the group is then referred to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for either a) approval or b) referral to the Faculty Senate for action. The decision on whether an action item requires a vote of the full Faculty Senate rests with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
  5. If an action item proposes a temporary change to any University Policy, University Policy 33420-2.01(G)(4) will govern any such proposed change(s).