Strategy 5 Stories: Developing and Recognizing Our People

5. Enhance collaboration, collegiality, and climate to create a better understanding of each other.

The narratives below define and bring clarity to what each of the University Strategic Goals means to Academic Affairs. The narratives express our values and beliefs, and create a context to guide implementation efforts. To learn more about the specific strategies and tactics involved in developing and recognizing our people, please view our Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

“You Inspire Us!”

Alfreda Brown, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and inclusion, cheers with a student during a faculty and staff appreciation day.

Celebrating the excellence and dedication of KSU professors, the Provost’s Office sponsored the second annual Faculty Appreciation Week in April 2014. A week of activities was planned including an appreciation breakfast, faculty author reception, Faculty Club (recognizing new and retiring emeritus faculty members) and an evening of “Faculty Fun and Frolic.”