Strategy 5 Stories: Enhancing Academic Excellence and Innovation

5. Recognize and promote innovative teaching methods and strategies.

The narratives below define and bring clarity to what each of the University Strategic Goals means to Academic Affairs. The narratives express our values and beliefs, and create a context to guide implementation efforts. To learn more about the specific strategies and tactics involved in achieving the enhancement of academic excellence and innovation, please view our Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

Innovative Teaching launches student’s career

Exterior of the College of Business Administration on the Kent State University campus in Kent, Ohio.

Brock Bernholtz, Kent State University junior entrepreneurship major, is the CEO and founder of InCheck Services LLC, a drop-off tracking application that allows customers to stay in touch with items that are dropped off for repairs, changes and more.  Bernholtz said that his success would not have been possible without the Entrepreneurial Experience class through Kent State’s Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship. In the course, students are required to create and develop their own company with the help of professors and professionals that devote time to guide the students through the process. Bernholtz credits his professors, Denise Easterling and Craig Zamary, for helping him reach success.