Strategy 5 Stories: Expanding Breakthrough Research and Creative Endeavors

5. Enhance engagement with social agencies, industry and economic development organizations in order to create research relationships leading to technology development and products.

The narratives below define and bring clarity to what each of the University Strategic Goals means to Academic Affairs. The narratives express our values and beliefs, and create a context to guide implementation efforts. To learn more about the specific strategies and tactics involved in achieving the expansion of breakthrough research and creative endeavors, please view our Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

Office of Corporate Engagement and Commercialization created

A Centennial Research Park sign faces Route 59 in Kent. The Centennial Research Park houses companies who market technologies developed at Kent State University.

The Office of Corporate Engagement and Commercialization (OCEC) builds and expands long-term relationships with industry, leading to new research and development funding and innovative technologies for commercialization and economic development. OCEC works with faculty and solicits input from industry on research, technology development, and workforce training needs in order to inform university research investments and curricular development.