Strategy 6 Stories: Developing and Recognizing Our People

6. Increase the number, meaning, and visibility of internal and external awards our people receive.

The narratives below define and bring clarity to what each of the University Strategic Goals means to Academic Affairs. The narratives express our values and beliefs, and create a context to guide implementation efforts. To learn more about the specific strategies and tactics involved in developing and recognizing our people, please view our Academic Affairs Strategic Plan.

Promoting our Scholarship

An intervention specialist major in the College of Education and a Founder's Scholar reads and relaxes in the "Behind the Brain Plaza" at Merrill Circle.

Kent State’s Scholar of the Month recognizes faculty researchers and scholars whose recent work has had an important impact on their professional fields and has brought exposure to the university. Each month, a different college nominates a researcher/scholar for this recognition. There is also a month when a faculty member from the Regional Campuses is featured. Scholars’ of the Month articles are posted on the Kent State website home page as a featured story and then these stories are archived under the News and Events webpage.

University Award Programs Recognize Faculty Accomplishments

Marcia Zeng, professor of library and information sciences, was a recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Research & Scholarship award.

The University has several internal annual award programs to recognize faculty accomplishments.