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Roadmaps and degree requirements for students on our 2018-2019 Catalog Year can be downloaded from this webpage.​

  • Students in our Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy concentration should email our pre-med faculty advisor, Dr. Jill Folk (, to arrange a meeting to discuss additional requirements outside of the classroom that must be completed in order to qualify for medical school.  The sooner this meeting is arranged, the better.  While it should not serve as a replacement to arranging a meeting with Dr. Folk, more information about our Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy concentration can be found on this webpage.  


Archived roadmaps and degree requirements for students on catalog years PRIOR to 2018-2019 can be downloaded from this webpage.


Current psychology minor requirements can be downloaded from this webpage.


To view a comprehensive list of classes, course descriptions, and pre-requisites for all of our department's psychology courses, you may visit this webpage.