Colloquium - Jutta Joormann, Ph.D.

Kent Hall
102 Kent Hall Annex

Cognition and Emotion Regulation in Depression







Jutta Joormann, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Yale University

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is an affective disorder with sustained negative affect and difficulties experiencing positive affect as its hallmark features. It is frequently conceptualized as a disorder of emotion regulation. This talk highlights how cognitive biases and deficits in cognitive control that accompany depression are linked to difficulties in emotion regulation. Difficulties in the self-regulation of affect after experiencing negative life events may contribute to risk for the onset of depression and indeed there is evidence that depressed patients exhibit more frequent use of maladaptive strategies when regulating affect and show difficulties effectively implementing adaptive strategies. Cognitive aspects of depression may play an important role in helping us understand these difficulties in self-regulation. Implications of this work for interventions and transdiagnostic approaches will be discussed.

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