Psych Degree to Destiny Series

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Psych Degree to Destiny Series:

The Psych Degree to Destiny series is designed to provide undergraduate psychology majors the opportunity to hear from professionals, faculty, graduate students, and peers on key topics that will help you reach your “destiny” after graduation. Regardless of whether you are thinking about attending graduate school immediately after graduating or entering the workforce, these events will provide you with important information, useful tips, and practical advice to assist you in achieving your goals. They are also intended to serve as a great networking opportunity. Check out the overall flyer for this semester's Psych Degree to Destiny Series.

Our Spring 2017 events include:

1. Interview Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks for Mastering Your Next Interview!
2. Faculty Insight: Child, Adolescent, and Clinical Psychology Featuring Dr. Christopher Flessner
3. Nursing Majors Become Nurses, Education Majors Become Teachers, But What About Me?  I Have a Psychology Degree!
4. Gearing Up for Graduate School, the GRE, and a Great Personal Statement with Dr. Mary Beth Spitznagel