Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) in Environmental Health Sciences


PREPARE for an EXCITING CAREER in Environmental and Occupational Health!

The job outlook is Very Good for environmental and occupational health and safety specialists with salaries ranging from $45,000 - $113,000. (Source:  

Our Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) concentration in Environmental Health Sciences is specifically designed to prepare students for careers in environmental and occupational health.  The curriculum covers all of the content areas included in the registered sanitarian board exam. Environmental and occupation specialists work in local, state, federal and international health organizations, academic institutions and private industry.

This concentration is ideal for students with an interest in the scientific aspects of public health, particularly biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.  Field and laboratory experiences are incorporated into the curriculum, including internships, to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.

Courses cover key environmental health areas:

  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Vector-borne & Zoonotic Diseases
  • Built Environment
  • Institutional & Recreational Facilities
  • Air, Water, Food, Wastewater, Soil, Hazardous Waste, & Toxicology
  • Risk Assessment
  • Administration and Enforcement of Health & Safety Laws
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology
Current Kent Students

This concentration requires competency in biology, geology, chemistry, and physics.  To discuss degree planning, course scheduling and transfer of credits, contact a Public Health adviser, 330-672-6500 or schedule an advising appointment.

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