Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) in Environmental & Occupational Health


The Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health teaches students how to reduce the burden of human illness that results from natural and man-made environmental exposures.

The program features a variety of courses designed to prepare students for a challenging, dynamic, and interdisciplinary career focused on public health risks associated with human invasion of the environment. Students are also encouraged to complete a variety of courses in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, physics) to better prepare for entry into this field.

Classes feature instruction in:

  • Risk assessments that affect policy change
  • Administration and enforcement of environmental and public health laws
  • Strategies for disease prevention and health promotion
  • How to prevent harm to workers, property, the environment and the general public

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health have the opportunity to work in:

  • Local, state and national public health workforces
  • Academic institutions
  • Private industries
  • International health agencies
  • Organizations and businesses of all different sizes and purposes

Jobs in this industry typically require a great deal of field work as employees travel to work and environmental sites to assess damage and help mitigate disasters. Some of the main duties of environmental & occupational health professionals include:

  • Developing strategies to prevent harm to workers, property, the environment and the general public
  • Measuring hazards at worksites and in environmental areas
  • Ensuring that machinery and equipment comply with safety regulations
  • Enforcing state, local and federal regulations regarding food/water sanitation, hazardous/infectious waste handling, and cleanliness/safety of housing and institutions
  • Collecting and analyzing environmental samples to test for hazards
  • Conducting, analyzing and dispensing information regarding disease outbreaks

There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference in this dynamic field. If you're interested in pursuing career opportunities in environmental and occupational health, Kent State can help you prepare. Learn more about this industry and the many other public health careers available today.