CPH Faculty Shine

Another semester has passed, bringing with it new accomplishments. We are pleased to announce the following publications, initiatives and activities led by CPH faculty:

Dr. Deric Kenne, Department of Health Policy and Management, co-authored “Electronic Cigarette Initiation and Correlates of Use Among Never, Former and Current Tobacco Cigarette Smoking College Students,” exploring electronic cigarette usage among college students. Published by Taylor & Francis online.

Department of Health Policy and Management Professor Dr. Bethany Lanese co-authored a paper with Dr. Billy Oglesby for presentation at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago in April 2016. The paper, titled “The Affordable Care Act and Title X: The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Family Planning Services,” explores the effect that the expansion of Medicaid eligibility under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has had on the utilization of family planning services.

The Water and Wastewater Management class, under the direction of Dr. Chuck Hart, conducted a real dry weather storm water survey in fall 2015, assisting the KSU Environmental Health Services Department in fulfilling its Ohio Environmental Protection Agency MS4 Permit requirements. The class surveyed 29 storm water outfalls, sampling 10 outfalls and one artesian well on campus for a total of 24 different parameters. The samples were sent to the NEORSD lab for analysis, and the course produced a consulting report for the campus EHS.

Dr. Tina Bhargava, professor and Undergraduate Studies Coordinator for the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences, traveled to Melbourne, Australia to present at the International Society on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning using an NTT Professional Development award. Her independent presentation, titled “But You Can’t Teach That Online… Online Teaching Strategies for Teaching Affective Competencies,” explored strategies for teaching complex subjects in an online environment. Dr. Bhargava also provided a joint workshop with Cia Verschelden, University of Central Oklahoma, titled “Teaching and Learning Strategies to Outsmart Bias,” offering a summary of classroom interventions to address the achievement gap often seen in marginalized student populations.

Dr. Tara Smith co-authored peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health and Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, contributed an individually authored publication to the Journal of Public Health, and authored a widely publicized article on zombie infections in the British Medical Journal. Additionally, Dr. Smith delivered five invited talks throughout the United States, and provided additional guidance when her student, Jhalka Kadariya, delivered a presentation.