Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD) in Prevention Science

Ph.D. in Prevention Science

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) specializing in Prevention Science

The Ph.D. in Public Health specializing in Prevention Science prepares students for careers in public health research that demand interdisciplinary skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing discipline.  Students are prepared to be independent researchers with a focus on prevention science and its application to evidence-based practice through advanced quantitative and qualitative methods.

Students who graduate with the Ph.D. in Prevention Science are scholars and leaders in Federal and state health agencies, academic health centers and hospitals, policy and research institutes, managed care and insurance corporations, and health planning organizations.

The Prevention Science doctoral curriculum consists of a minimum of 91 credit hours organized in five curricular domains:

  • Prerequisites (13 credit hours, MPH Core Courses)
  • Core courses (12 credit hours)
  • Courses required for Prevention Science (24 credit hours)
  • Content-related Elective courses (12 credit hours)
  • Dissertation (30 credit hours)