I heard that you have a Certificate in Public Health; can I pursue the certificate and then transition to the BSPH program?

The College of Public Health offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health that is composed of 18 hours of online coursework. Students interested in learning more about the field of public health,  transitioning from another health related field into public health, or who already hold a bachelors or associate degree are welcomed to apply for this program .  Students interested in the online BSPH program many begin their curriculum in the certificate program and may transition BSPH degree at a later time. Students may receive federal financial aid to complete their Certificate in Public Health, and should review their eligibility with a financial aid counselor.

How much of this degree can be completed at a community college or regional campus?

Students can complete a majority of the Kent Core Courses (general education requirements) and general electives at a community college or regional campus. Students do need to complete a minimum of 30 hours of coursework at Kent State University.

Does the online program have a cohort model or sequenced courses?

Students are not required to enter into a specific cohort when starting the online program. In addition, there are minimal pre-prerequisites, to allow students to move through the program at their own pace.  

What can a graduate from this program do?
  • Students who pursue their Bachelor's in Public Health Degree can gain fundamental knowledge and skills in the five disciplines of public health: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Policy and Management, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Environmental Health
  • By enrolling in Kent State's College of Public Health, students learn about the public health care system in the U.S. and abroad, as well as emerging public health concerns such as pandemic infectious disease and new threats to the environment.
  • Students who graduate with their Bachelor's in Public Health typically work in areas such as:
    • Public health departments
    • Voluntary health agencies
    • Human services agencies
    • Hospitals
    • Rehabilitation centers
    • Insurance companies
    • Corporate worksites
    • Wellness centers
    • Community health organizations
    • Family planning clinics
    • Managed care facilities
    • And many other
I live close to a Kent State campus, can I take face-to-face courses too?

As a fully-admitted member of the Kent State University community, students in our online programs are able to seamlessly register for in-class sections of course offered at any of our nine campus locations. All courses apply directly toward the completion of your degree program. Tuition may vary for out-of-state online students taking classes in person on a Kent State campus.

Do I need to have my own computer?

Students are strongly urged to have a modern, well-maintained, computer with high speed internet access. Given the volume of work required for the program it is not advisable to rely on a public or shared computer. Students of Kent State University are eligible to receive discounted pricing from popular computer retailers such as Apple and Dell.

What level of computer proficiency do I need to be successful?

Students are expected to be comfortable utilizing the following software products:

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Chat rooms and discussion boards
  • Blackboard and Quicktime
  • YouTube, Web Browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
Does the College of Public Health or Kent State University supply textbooks and course materials?

Students are responsible for providing/obtaining their own course materials (textbooks, computers, etc.). Materials are readily available at a number of online retailers and through the University Bookstore.

What is the estimated time of completion for the online BSPH program?

Students have the ability to progress through the online program at their own pace. The program encompasses 121 credit hours or around 40 classes. Students who enroll as full time students (15 hours per semester) with no transfer credit can expect to graduate in around eight semesters.

Will my general education courses transfer from my previous institution to Kent State University?

Students can utilize U select to determine transfer equivalencies with the Kent Core Courses (general education requirements). Students are also encouraged to apply to Kent State University to have their coursework evaluated by the university Transfer Center or by a College of Public Health Academic Advisor.