If you have questions about pursuing your Master of Public Health (MPH) or if you want more information about the field in general, you've come to the right place.

We've compiled a list of the Master of Public Health FAQs many students have as they consider pursuing this degree program at Kent State. Click on any of the questions below to get helpful information about degree options, the public health industry, the application process and much more. Information about completing your MPH Online is available for the Health Policy and Management and the Social and Behavioral Science Concentrations by emailing publichealth@kent.edu

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How many credit hours do I need to complete my MPH in Ohio?

KSU’s MPH programs consist of a minimum of 46 credit hours organized in four curricular domains:

  • 19 hours in the Core courses
  • 15 hours in a specialization area
  • Six hours of elective
  • Six hours of practicum

These hours are required by our accrediting body, Council on Education for Public Health.

Specific class requirements may vary depending on which of the five MPH specializations a student chooses to pursue, but the number of credit hours remains the same. The overall public health curriculum is designed to help students gain the real-world knowledge and skills needed to pursue success in this dynamic and continually growing industry.

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How many credit hours can I transfer in to the KSU MPH program?

The number of hours that can be transferred in depends on whether or not they are actual public health credits. Faculty will individually review each student’s transfer request and render a decision about which hours can be brought to the program.        

Want more information? Contact us by phone at 330-672-6500 or by email at publichealth@kent.edu.

See what kinds of questions other students are asking by visiting our MPH FAQs today.

Is there an admissions deadline for the College of Public Health?

No. The College of Public Health has "rolling admissions," which means there is no deadline and you can start the program any semester.

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Is KSU’s Master’s in Public Health in Ohio accredited?

At this time our master’s in public health is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). Accreditation was achieved in 2015 and will be reviewed for reaccreditation in December 2020.

What's an MPH?

Kent State University offers the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. The MPH degree includes coursework in a number of public health disciplines including health policy and management, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, biostatistics, and social and behavioral sciences.  MPH students select one of these disciplines as their specialization to receive in-depth exposure to the field.

"The Master of Public Health degree is the most common graduate-level degree awarded by CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health.  The degree is suited for students interested in pursuing a professional career in public health, and is not primarily geared toward teaching or research.  Common work environments include hospitals, consulting firms, international agencies, state and federal agencies, health departments, managed care organizations, community-based organizations, among others."  (Source: Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health)

I have transfer credits (undergraduate or graduate). Do I need to re-submit those?

Yes. All non-Kent State transcripts must be re-submitted if it has been longer than one year.

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