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Healthcare Facilities Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Facilities

This 100% online program explores emerging trends in the functional, therapeutic and financial aspects of ever-evolving health care facility design. Appropriate for facilities managers, architects, designers, health care providers, and other public health professionals, the graduate certificate is a unique way to gain expertise in a specialty area with high market demand.

The program is jointly offered by the College of Public Health, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, and College of Nursing.  This allows for an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the requirements and principles involved in making sure healthcare facilities are designed and maintained with the needs of patients and healthcare workers in mind.

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Facilities

Shape the future of healthcare through facility design. Integrate patient care understanding within the parameters of design. The Kent State University Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Facilities online program enhances your understanding of how healthcare issues impact building design. This invaluable area of expertise will help you to participate in facility development that will maximize efficiency of treatment and quality of patient care. All in an effort to raise the standard of healthcare facilities.

Continuous Education Is Key

Our graduate classes explore emerging trends and the latest technology in regard to the functional, therapeutic and financial aspects of ever-evolving healthcare facility design. From aesthetics to efficiency and sustainability, this program incorporates several courses from public health and nursing to concentrate on the terminology, concepts, culture, relationships and underlying principles of health care.

The Kent State University Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Facilities program consists of seven online courses. All are offered annually to help students complete the program in as little as one year.  You are eligible to apply for the program if you have a related bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. 

*Online Courses Include

  • Healthcare Facilities I & II
  • Evidence-Based Design
  • Emerging Issues in Public Health Policy and Management
  • Environmental Health Concepts
  • Ethical and Cultural Issues for Health Professionals
  • Social and Behavioral Science Theories in Public Health
  • Developing Environments for Patient Populations

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