Master of Public Health (MPH) in Environmental Health Sciences


The MPH in Environmental Health Sciences degree program at Kent State University prepares students to understand how environmental factors, including biological, physical and chemical factors, affect the health of a population.

Students will also gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop practical strategies for mitigating the effects of harmful environmental hazards. Graduates of our Environmental Health Sciences program will learn how to conduct laboratory analysis of environmental contaminants, develop plans to prepare communities to respond to manmade and natural disasters, incorporate health-promoting principles into urban design, and develop safety plans for companies.   All of our MPH programs are taught by faculty members who have extensive research interests relating to pressing issues in today’s public health industry. Students pursuing their Environmental Health Sciences degree will benefit from the College’s faculty research expertise in bio-preparedness, microbiology, pesticides, and occupational health and safety.

Career opportunities for students with an Environmental Health Sciences degree include positions in:

  • Research and clinical laboratories
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Emergency management agencies
  • State and local health departments

If you want to pursue a career that will help you make a difference, the Kent State College of Public Health is a great place to get started.

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