Career Services Amped Up

The college has relaunched its career services website to aid students and alumni in pursuit of employment opportunities.

The college has relaunched its career services website to aid students and alumni in pursuit of employment opportunities.  In addition, the college will sponsor a career day on January 22, bringing potential employers to campus and holding seminars on job search skills.
The beefed-up public health career resources web page now contains nearly a dozen links to websites that post public health jobs openings, including a brand-new Environmental Health Sciences job and internship listing.  In addition, there’s robust descriptive information about public health careers, facts about the global, national and state public health employment outlook, information regarding salary expectations and descriptions of types of jobs available to those with a public health education.
“There are literally thousands of public health jobs available around the country,” says Ken Slenkovich, assistant dean for operations and community relations, who oversees career services as part of his role.  “I suggest that students spend time perusing online job boards to check out job descriptions and requirements – you can learn a lot about the actual jobs out there and how you can prepare your skills to qualify,” he says.
The refreshed website also highlights the services of the Public Health Career Ambassadors, William J. Franks, BS ’69, and Matthew A. Stefanak III.  They’re retired local public health commissioners who provide invaluable guidance and open doors for students at all levels, helping them build portfolios of academic and practical learning achievements in preparation for the job search. 
The Office of Public Health Practice & Partnerships (OPHPP), which Slenkovich heads, oversees career services, experiential learning and workforce development initiatives.  The OPHPP recently added staff resources and spruced up its website, including a new page featuring upcoming public health professional development courses. 
The OPHPP will sponsor a career day on January 22 from 1:00-5:30 p.m. in the Moulton Hall Ballroom.  Sessions will be offered on resume writing, job interviewing, use of social media and other online tools for job search and building a portfolio of academic and practical learning achievements.  Representatives from health departments, hospitals, nursing homes, corporations and mental health and other nonprofit agencies will meet with students about career opportunities and what the employers are looking for regarding background and skills.  Recent alumni will be on hand to discuss their job-search success secrets with attendees.  Advance registrationis required by January 7.  Contact Grace Battaglia-Hoffman at (330) 672-8763 for further information.  She also is available to schedule appointments with the career ambassadors, whose offices are in 338 Lowry Hall.

POSTED: Sunday, November 30, 2014 - 9:46am
UPDATED: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 1:43pm
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