CPH Well-Represented in APHA Publications, Events, Committees

The college proudly recognizes the cutting-edge work conducted by faculty and students who serve the public health professions with discoveries and solutions that enhance the well-being of global citizens. The CPH was particularly well-represented this fall at conferences by research scholars as well as committee participants.

Graduate students and faculty were in abundance at the American Public Health Association 2016 annual meeting. Presenters included:

  • Graduate students Naomi Carlson, Matt Nichols, Carissa Smock, “STAT: A Spatiotemporal Tool to Link Trail Quality and Use;”
  • Hilla Sang (PhD student), Deric Kenne, PhD (Assistant Professor), Rebecca Fischbein, PhD (Assistant Professor), Sijia Yang, University of Pennsylvania, Andy Tan, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, "Openness to trying flavored e-cigarettes among young adults who have never tried e-gigarettes or smoked cigarettes," “Creating the healthiest nation using community-oriented medical education: Lessons from the Cuban medical education system,” “Variations in tobacco cigarette and e-cigarette dual use between sexual minority and heterosexual college students;”
  • Ryan Tingler (MPH, 2016), "Priorities for well-being and experiences of discrimination in a sample of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer (LGBTQ) Individuals in Puerto Rico;"
  • Diana Kingsbury (PhD Candidate) and Sunita Shakya (PhD Candidate) “Assessing Potential Risks for Childhood Failure to Thrive (FTT) among Bhutanese Refugee Mothers in the United States;”
  • Hannah Crawford (MPH student) and Rachael Nolan (PhD student), “Hand Hygiene for infection control in health care facilities: Intervention design recommendations derived from a cross sectional factorial survey given to 460 acute care nurses;”
  • Carissa Smock (PhD candidate), “Does Community Infrastructure Truly Affect Physical Activity?” and “Physical Activity Assessed: Data, Surveillance, and Interventions.”
  • “Contraceptive preferences and perceptions among women who are opioid abusers and pregnant or recently pregnant,” was presented by Deric Kenne, PhD, Center for Public Policy and Health - Division of Drug Research; Rebecca Fischbein, PhD, Department of Health Policy and Management; and Jennifer Bryant, MS (PhD candidate), College of Public Health.
  • Authors Dr. Sheryl Chatfield, Rachel Nolan, Hannah Crawford and Dr. Jeffrey Hallam (Professor and Interim Associate Dean of Research) presented “Hand Hygiene for infection control in health care facilities: Intervention design recommendations derived from a cross sectional factorial survey given to 460 acute care nurses.”
  • “Capturing geographic complexity in a homeless “neighborhood”: Spatial video geonarratives (SVG) in Skid Row, Los Angeles” was presented by Susanne Mitchell (PhD candidate) and Andrew Curtis, PhD of Kent State, Peter R. Kerndt, University of Southern California, and Charles Felix, Tulare County Health & Human Service Agency
  • ”Other Substance Use in Electronic-Cigarettes,” Deric Kenne, PhD; Rebecca Fischbein, PhD; Michael Ellison; Andy Tan, Dana Farber Cancer Institute; Mark Banks, The Ohio State University
  • Colleen Kelly (MPH, 2016), “Beginnings of a healthy retail movement in Cuyahoga County” with Kakul Joshi, CWRU; Michele Benko, Cuyhoga County Board of Health; Susan Petrone, CWRU; Marilyn Burns, CWRU; Erika Trapl, CWRU.

APHA Committee Work

Suparna Navale, PhD Candidate and Chair-Elect of the APHA Student Assembly, serves as the Student Representative on the Intersectional Council (ISC) Steering Committee. She also helped coordinate the American Public Health Association Student Assembly's National Student meeting held this fall. Ryan Tingler, MPH '16, served as the Student Meeting Co-Chair, Carissa Smock, MPH, PhD Candidate served as Section Liason Co-chair, and Diana Kingsbury, MPH, PhD Candidate served as student respresentative to the Science Board. 

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