Faculty Research, Publications Proceed Apace

The college takes enormous pride in the pioneering work of our faculty and students who are constantly creating, discovering and leading the discourse in their disciplines.  Recent research has examined HIV knowledge in high-risk populations, the effects of Hurricane Katrina on adolescents, psychological intervention following sports injury and workplace hand hygiene, among numerous other subjects. Following are some highlights:
A review of MPH practicum requirements in accredited schools of public health was  published by Willie H. Oglesby, Ph.D., Sonia A. Alemagno, Ph.D., Melissa D. Zullo, Ph.D., Olivia Hartman, Katalin Smith, Joseph Smith and Michael Buzzelli, in the Journal of Community Health of February 2013.
In the January 2013 issue of Health Promotion Practice, Oglesby and Alemagno also published an article about the need for further research on the measurement of HIV knowledge among high-risk populations and the importance of culturally appropriate survey items tailored to each population.
Research regarding the effects of Hurricane Katrina on adolescent feelings of social isolation was published in the January 2013 issue of Social Science Quarterly by Scott F. Grey, Ph.D., Peggy C. Stephens, Ph.D., and colleagues at JBS International, Georgia State University and The University of Akron.
Research by Jingzhen “Ginger” Yang, Ph.D., about the characteristics of workplace threats and responses in a university setting can be found in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, January 2013.  Yang published three additional articles in the latter months of 2012.  She was a lead author on a study regarding what age children should engage in agricultural tasks, published in the fall 2012 issue of the Journal of Rural Health.  In addition, she and her University of Iowa colleagues published a review article about the effectiveness of psychological intervention following sports injury, which appeared in the Journal of Sport and Health, September 2012.  Yang, with U.S. and Australian collaborators, reported on the development and validation of a client-expectations scale for massage, which was published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, September 2012.
Maggie Stedman-Smith, Ph.D., and co-investigators published their study about use of Photovoice to document mothers’ concerns regarding children’s exposure to pesticide drift in the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, December 2012.  Stedman-Smith also published an article on workplace hand hygiene and wellness along with Kent State faculty members Grey and Cathy L. Z. DuBois, Ph.D.  It appeared in the November 2012 issue of Workplace Health & Safety.
Jonathan B. VanGeest, Ph.D., published a commentary on the article by Timothy P. Johnson, Ph.D., regarding failures in substance use surveys, both appearing in a special November-December 2012 issue of Substance Use & Misuse focusing on substance use(r) intervention failures.  VanGeest and Johnson collaborated on a study of incentives in surveys of cancer patients, published in Cancer Causes & Control, December 2012.  
Christopher J. Woolverton, Ph.D., along with colleagues, published three articles in 2012 related to his environmental health and bioterrorism research.  He addressed bioterrorism curricula for public health professionals in the third 2012 issue of Applied Biosafety.  In addition, he reported on effects of remediation on the bacterial community of an acid-mine-impacted stream in the November 2012 Canadian Journal of Microbiology.  Finally, Woolverton published his work on dose-dependent damage from electron beam irradiation to Bacillus spore coat and membrane in the International Journal of Microbiology, 2012 issue.
Mark A. James, Ph.D., in collaboration with a number of international colleagues, published research findings in the American Journal of Epidemiology in October 2012 regarding how sickle-cell trait protects against Plasmodium falciparum infection.
In the second 2012 issue of Healthcare Management Forum in Canada, Ken Zakariasen published Leaders and Emotional Intelligence: A View From Those Who Follow, an examination of how the practices of effective leaders are related to Emotional Intelligence.

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