Kent State has Strong Showing at APHA Meeting

Kent State faculty and students stormed the 142nd American Public Health Association annual conference in New Orleans.

Kent State faculty and students stormed the 142nd American Public Health Association annual conference in New Orleans November 15-19, with 11 oral and seven poster presentations.  Topics ranged from post-disaster communication to influenza vaccine uptake, and some 13 Golden Flashes were there to share findings of their work with the more than 12,000 delegates.

Highlights of the research include:

Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences and Epidemiology (BEE) Department
A poster session on building resiliency and prevention of post-disaster sequelae through efficient communication planning, by recent graduate and adjunct professor Koya C. Allen, PhD, ‘13.
A poster presentation regarding scales and analytics in the geography of obesity.  Heather Beaird, PhD, and colleagues.  A second poster presentation by Beaird, Dana Mowls, MPH ’12, and colleagues, regarding the use of large administrative data for community health assessment to inform issue prioritization at the local level.
Two oral presentations by Madhav Bhatta, PhD, assistant professor, Epidemiology, with recent MPH graduate and Fulbright Scholar from Mozambique Ramos Mboane, MD.   The association between a woman’s intent to use contraception and a husband’s or partner’s influence on healthcare decision-making in Mozambique.  Also, factors associated with intent to use contraceptives among women aged 15-49 years in Mozambique.
A third oral presentation by Bhatta, along with MPH student Stephanie Pike, BS ‘12, regarding the impact of reporting bullying on suicidal behaviors among high-school-aged adolescents.  Also, a poster presentation by Bhatta and Pike on bullying and suicidal behaviors among middle school adolescents.
A population-based study regarding the disability burden of Medicare beneficiaries who used post-acute-care services after myocardial infarction, an oral presentation by Melissa Zullo, PhD, assistant professor, Epidemiology, and colleagues.  A poster session on analysis by race/ethnicity of quality improvement opportunities for smoking cessation intervention in adults with COPD, by Zullo, Vinay Cheruvu, PhD, assistant professor, Biostatistics, and Dana Mowls, MPH ‘12. 

Health Policy & Management Department

A poster presentation on the perceived harm of prescription opiate drugs and reasons for misuse.  Deric Kenne, PhD,  assistant professor; doctoral students Jennifer Bryant, BS ’11, and Lauren Birmingham, MA ’10, BBA ’09, BA ’09; Allison Thomas, MPH ’14; and Amy Beck, BSPH ‘14
A second poster presentation by Kenne and Birmingham, along with doctoral student Daniel Mix and MPH student Samantha Lingenfelter, BASc ’10, regarding characteristics of e-cigarette users, perceptions of harm and reasons for use among college students. 

Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

An oral presentation regarding the successful community-based participatory research approach to developing Tallahatchie Wellness, a community-university partnership to improve health in a Mississippi Delta community.  Jeff Hallam, PhD, professor and chair, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and colleagues.
A process evaluation of the brief alcohol screening intervention for college students program, a poster presentation by Hallam and colleagues.  A second poster presentation by Hallam and an associate regarding facilitators and barriers to successful implementation of in-school physical activity policy in the Mississippi Delta.
A poster presentation on adding neighborhood context to hotspot mapping using spatial video as a geonarrative tool.  Associate Professor Eric Jefferis, PhD, and colleagues.
The influence of race/ethnicity and alcohol use on high blood pressure and diabetes, a poster presentation by doctoral student Vanessa Marshall, Hallam and other Kent State colleagues.  
A poster presentation regarding determinants of influenza vaccine uptake and perceived barriers among public university employees.  Doctoral student Diana Kingsbury; Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, Maggie Stedman-Smith, PhD, and colleagues.
An oral presentation regarding an influenza vaccine campaign aimed at veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders.  Mary Louis Tatum, MPH ‘13.

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