KSU One of Few Universities offering Concentration in Clinical Trials Research

Clinical Trials Research—a new, all online concentration associated with the bachelor’s degree  in Public Health—provides students with more research methods skills, practical exposure to clinical research and, therefore, terrific opportunities to be competitive for lucrative job opportunities. “This concentration is essential in Epidemiology and perfect for students who want to work in a clinical setting, industry, or in another health services sector,” said Dr. Melissa Zullo, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the Clinical Trials Concentration. “It is a benefit to many of our BSPH students who want more research methods skills and practical exposure to clinical research.”

Clinical Trials Research is a growing field with strong job potential for entry level and more advanced positions. In fact, the field expects a 36% job growth through 2022. Graduates with a BSPH in Clinical Trials Research will be highly qualified to obtain a position as a Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Trials Assistant, or Clinical Research Associate. A simple search of these terms on Indeed.com turns up hundreds of job openings in this field. Graduates will find employment at a contract research organization, pharmaceutical company, insurance company, hospital, or medical school.

There are five required courses for this concentration: Clinical Epidemiology Basics, Clinical Trials Management, Pharmacoepidemiology, Regulatory Affairs in Clinical Research, and Scientific Writing. Students also will be required to complete six credits (300 hours) of internship at an appropriate clinical research site. “The key to securing a job upon graduation is the internship,” says Dr. Zullo. “Having the experience of interning at a clinical research site will provide students with the professional experience that many employers are looking for.”

There are only a handful of degree programs in the United States, making for strong demand for employees with degrees and training in Clinical Trials Research. While entry-level salaries are around $45,000, depending on geography, type of employer, and experience, median salaries are $95,000 with top pay at $127,000.

The new concentration will be listed in the fall 2016 catalog with the first courses offered in the summer of 2016. Courses are all online, making it convenient for students who cannot get to campus. For more information please contact Dr. Zullo (mellenbu@kent.edu) or your public health advisor.

POSTED: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 12:34 PM
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