Leadership and Organizational Change MPH Program at Twinsburg

The Leadership and Organizational Change MPH Program at Twinsburg graduated 14 students this past August from the program. This program focuses on preparing full-time working adult students for leadership/management roles in health systems. This is an intensive program where the graduate students continue to work full-time, and also go to school full-time via evening classes and significant online content and educational activities. While this leads to a very full and challenging 24-month program, it has the advantage of having each graduate student’s own organization serve as a "learning lab" as they study leadership and organizational change.

Twinsburg students come from a variety of organizations such as health departments, Kent State University, hospitals and clinics, banks, publishing and nonprofits, and are trained in such disciplines as nursing, environmental health, graphic arts, management, and lab science. Examples of their practicum projects are developing lab safety policy and training, performance evaluation systems for public health departments, professional development training programs in health departments and NGOs, human subjects management and policy development in research, new website development to facilitate nursing practice and using graphic arts to increase the effectiveness of health education/health promotion.

“These practicum projects were superb learning experiences for these graduates, but in each case also provided very significant value-added deliverables for the organizations hosting the practicum experiences, something we attempt to build into each practicum," commented  Professor Dr. Zakariasen.

We congratulate these new graduates, not only on their graduation from the program, but on the impressive accomplishments and outcomes they achieved during their practicum experiences.

We would also like to congratulate Frank Miggliozzi, who graduated from the program in August 2014 and is currently Deputy Health Commissioner for Trumbull County, on his appointment as Health Commissioner for Trumbull County effective January 1, 2016. In addition, we want to congratulate Joe Diorio, an August 2015 graduate of the program, on his recent appointment as Health Commissioner for Portage County.

 “These two individuals have many very successful years of experience in public health, and they both contributed so much to the program as graduate students” said Dr. Zakariasen , “We wish them all the best in their new leadership positions!”

POSTED: Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 3:54pm
UPDATED: Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 1:54pm