New Hybrid Format for MPH Provides Unique Opportunities for Students

Two new electives focused on leadership will be held in-person at KSU’s Regional Academic Center in Twinsburg to enhance the online learning experience of Master of Public Health (MPH) students, according to Dr. Willie H. Oglesby, Program Director and Associate Professor of Health Policy Management. The new format is part of the transition of the College of Public Health’s Leadership and Organizational Change MPH Program  based at the Regional Campus in Twinsburg to becoming part of the Health Policy and Management’s Online MPH.


The new electives focus on preparing full-time working adult students for leadership/management roles in public health and health care health systems. These are part of an intensive program in which graduate students continue to work full-time while attending a full-time MPH program via evening classes partnered with significant online content and educational activities. While this leads to a very challenging 24-month program, it provides the advantage of each graduate student’s organization serving as a "learning lab" as they study leadership and organizational change during the work day.


Twinsburg students come from organizations such as public health departments, health care systems, banks, publishing and nonprofits, and are trained in disciplines including nursing, environmental health, graphic arts, management, and lab science. The goal of the new online hybrid platform is to better serve a broader range of students.


“Graduates from our Twinsburg program have been regional professionals but this reach does not match our demand for the program,” explained Dr. Oglesby. “We now have a program to match the demand from out-of-state students who can travel to the Twinsburg campus for the electives a couple times per year.”


Kent State University is not new to offering fully-accredited online degrees - in fact, the University is a leader winning several awards. “Kent State is a pioneer in online and distance education, having offered our first online program more than 15 years ago,” said Dr. Oglesby. “We started the Online MPH in Health Policy Management just one year ago and the demand has already increased far beyond our initial estimates. I’m excited to be able to offer guidance and support to a broader range of students I could not help when we were limited by regional reach.”

More information about the online program can be found here.

POSTED: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 12:32pm
UPDATED: Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 1:54pm