Racism as a Public Health Crisis Course

Across the U.S., an increasing number of communities have declared racism as a public health crisis. This declaration is not based on an isolated incident, rather, it is the acknowledgement that racism is structural and has been embedded within the institutional policies and societal norms that are present in our everyday lives. 

The new Racism as a Public Health Crisis course was first offered this fall at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The course recognizes racism in the U.S. as a significant cause of poor health, disease, and persistent disease among Black Americans; explores the relationship between racism and health through a historic accounting of social, political, economic, and environmental conditions post-slavery through the current events of 2020; and, identifies how research and advocacy can address anti-Black racism and promote health equity. 

Racism as a Public Health Crisis will be offered in Spring 2021 under instructors Dr. Kristina Knight and Dr. Tina Bhargava

 PH30195 Undergrad           CRN:20259              M/W 2:15-3:45 pm

 SBS60195 Graduate            CRN: 20252             Mon: 2:15-5 pm


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