Office of Public Health Practice and Partnerships

Office of Public Health Practice & Partnerships (OPHPP)

The purpose of the Office of Public Health Practice and Partnerships (OPHPP) is to build practice based relationships between academic, public health agencies, healthcare organizations, and communities.   We are the front door of the Academic Health Department, an innovative collaboration between the College of Public Health, the Portage County Health Department and the City of Kent Health Department.  This partnership supports practice based education, research, and service through collaborative leadership designed to improve and enhance the skills and capacity of the public health workforce.  In support of this mission the OPHPP:

  • creates partnerships that foster community based participatory research for our faculty, students, and staff;
  • motivates students to pursue careers in public health at the local, state, national, and global level;
  • provides  workforce development opportunities to improve the skills and capacity of individuals, public health organizations, and health related industries; and;
  • supports innovation, including the use of technology, to support the translation of research into action.


Trainings, certification and continuing education courses are available for public health professionals covering a variety of topics including environmental health, lab safety, grant writing, community health needs assessments, and others. For a schedule of courses click here.

Post graduate diploma

Post graduate diploma designed to prepare students for global careers in Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM) is now offered through a partnership with Empower School Of Health to answer the need for managing the transportation of medical supplies that require refrigeration - particularly perishable supplies with a shelf life with that of day – into areas with low penetration of health services. The EMPOWER program is designed to train students and professionals to handle this kind of supply chain management. For more information, click here



Ken Slenkovich, MA