The Public Health minor is ideal for students of baccalaureate programs.

By adding the minor, they increase their awareness of new and prevalent issues in the field. Students gain insight into the social and behavioral aspects of preventing disease, as well as the ways applied Public Health research can monitor disease within the community. The Public Health minor also addresses environmental health concepts, the changing U.S. health care system, population health and other topics. Contact an adviser to get started!

A MINOR in public health can make a MAJOR difference

  • Business  -  apply principles of management, finance, economics and leadership to health care or hospital management.
  • Communications  - develop prevention campaigns and work in a health care communications office.
  • International Relations  - explore health disparities in various countries and recommend health policy changes.
  • Journalism - cover a “health beat.”
  • Natural Sciences (e.g. biology/chemistry) - apply basic scientific principles to environmental issues and disease control programs.
  • Nursing - Clinical experiences are enhanced with the study of community health and prevention programs.
  • Political Science  - apply principles of domestic and world politics to health policy and healthcare finance.
  • Social Science  - (e.g. sociology/psychology) - apply behavioral concepts to public health interventions.
  • Technology  - apply concepts of systems management and design that will assist the development of management information systems in health insurance and other healthcare organizations.

Minors offered:  Health Services Administration and Environmental Health Sciences.

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