What is Public Health?

Public health is the science, art and practice of protecting and improving the health of the population. The goal of the industry is to make the conditions in which people live as healthy as possible. This may involve improving current conditions, protecting people from risks or developing plans to handle emergency situations.

Some of the things public health professionals are responsible for include:

  • Improving the quality of our water and air
  • Removing toxins from the environment
  • Keeping our food supplies free from contamination
  • Educating society about health risks associated with lifestyle issues
  • Developing plans and mobilizing resources to respond to natural disasters and epidemics
  • Working with law enforcement/public safety to protect people from man-made catastrophes
  • Developing sustainable, green technologies
  • Creating community designs that increase safety and promote healthy living

The public health industry is growing in importance, because although the average lifespan of people is increasing, many of them are suffering from health problems and societal risks. Public health programs are necessary to educate people and work toward improving their daily conditions.

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