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The Educational Duct Tape Series with Jake Miller

Join us for our Educational Duct Tape Series with technology integration specialist Jake Miller ( In Session 1 on December 6 (NOTE: new date), Jake will engage participants with the Educational Duct Tape framework for using educational technologies to meet learning goals, address standards and solve classroom problems. Jake will be with us again on Friday, February 7 for an Educational Duct Tape Toolbox Focus Session. Explore Flipgrid to promote student voice, flipped lessons, podcasts, formative assessments, digital portfolios, digital office hours, creativity showcases, mixtapes, feedback platforms, guess-who activities, connections with subject area experts, AR activities, substitute teacher plans & more! (Read more about each session below.)

Location: AT&T Classroom/034 Moulton Hall, Kent State University
Registration: $125/session or $200 for both sessions
Participants who attend both sessions may also register to earn one graduate workshop credit hour ($162).

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Educational Duct Tape graphic by Jake Miller


Session 1  -  Educational Duct Tape: Viewing #edtech As a Set of Tools to Address Learning Goals & Solve Problems in the Classroom

December 6, 2019,  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

With so many educational technology tools available, educators can fall into the trap of "paradox of choice," which often keeps educators from integrating *any* of their newly learned skills. In this workshop, Jake will share about how "Educational Duct Tape" can help educators overcome this paralysis.

After attendees learn how Jake's silly metaphor can be used as an #edtech decision-making protocol in their classrooms, they will discuss problems, goals, needs and even learning standards that they need to address and work on in their classrooms. After brainstorming and prioritizing these needs with their peers, the educators will then work together to identify ed-tech tools that can be used to address their individual needs.

Once the needs and solutions have been addressed, participants will have an opportunity to begin learning about their selected ed-tech tool and preparing to implement it with Jake’s support. While some participants may select the same tool and work together, each participant will have the power  to select their own tool and path based on their own needs, teaching style, content and classroom.

It is Jake’s goal that educators leave not only ready to use a new tech tool, but feeling confident in their abilities and empowered in their ed-tech potential.

Session 2  -  Educational Duct Tape Toolbox Focus Session: Flipgrid

February 7, 2020,  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Flipgrid is one of the hottest ed-tech tools and for good reason. While it started out as a way to leverage technology to hear responses from each student, it quickly transitioned into a platform for growing student voice. In the last year, it has grown and evolved into quite possibly the most powerful tool in an educator’s toolbox. There are so many potential applications for Flipgrid.

Our day will start by exploring some of those potential applications. Participants will get to know Flipgrid through a "Fliphunt" - an engaging, fun take on a scavenger hunt in which the participants use and get to know the functionalities of Flipgrid.

That experience will expand participants’ vision of what this one tool can do for their classroom. With that frame of reference in their minds, they will hear from Jake about some of the many applications for Flipgrid - GridPals, flipped lessons, podcasts, formative assessments, digital portfolios, digital office hours, creativity showcases, mixtapes, feedback platforms, guess who activities, connections with subject area experts, AR activities, even sub plans!

After hearing about these options, participants will have an opportunity to try a few out, brainstorm additional ideas and then, the best part, craft one of their own. After sharing their creations with each other, the day will wrap up with educators preparing to launch their own ideas for Flipgrid in their own classrooms!