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About the Program

The Department of Recreational Services, in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, the City of Kent, PARTA and the Undergraduate Student Government are pleased to offer a third-generation new sharing initiative to the Kent State University community. Flashfleet, a third-generation, technology-based bike share system, was developed from concerns over rising fuel costs, traffic congestion across campus, consistent enrollment increases each semester, physical fitness and a greater consciousness about climate change.

Bike sharing is a unique concept that enables multiple users to borrow bikes for short-term use. Our mission is to provide affordable, easily accessible and environmentally sustainable transportation throughout Kent State University and downtown Kent.

Students, faculty and staff and even community members can rent bikes with a yearly membership or paying as they go. All users need to create an account through the nextbike app, our website or by calling customer service at 330-474-0785. Bikes can then be checked out and returned to eight locations, including the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Eastway Center, Van Campen Hall, Tri-Towers, Terrace Hall, Stopher-Johnson, the Kent Student Center and PARTA in downtown Kent.