Adventure Center Special Events

We host special events every semester at the Adventure Center. Some of our past special event have included food drives, charity climb-a-thons, Everest climbing challenges, patron parties, and more.

Everest Challenge

Spring 2021 Semester
Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world! Do you think you have the climbing skill and endurance to take on the ADVENTURE of scaling all 29,029 feet?  You will have the opportunity to test yourself by attempting to climb the complete distance of Everest over the course of a semester.  A wall membership (along with our climbing wall waiver) is required to attempt the challenge.  Ask our staff how to sign up for a wall membership if you do not have one.  Climbers must swipe in at the wall during normal wall hours to attempt to complete the challenge.  All necessary climbing gear is available free to rent at the climbing wall desk.

To successfully complete the challenge, climbers must climb our wall 967 times over the course of a semester.  The number of climbs you complete on any given day must be initialled by an Adventure Center staff member for verification.  Prizes will be given to the first climbers who successfully complete the challenge each semester.         
Difficulty: Level 1. No experience necessary, mild physical exertion.
Fee: Free but participants must have a wall membership.
Pre-registration IS NOT REQUIRED.
Contact Alexis at with any questions.