Billing & Discounts

Payment Policies
  • Recreational Services accepts the following forms of payment:
    • Cash
    • Checks
    • FLASHCash
    • Credit Cards (Discover, MasterCard and Visa)
  • Registration and membership purchases can be done in person with any of the above payment methods.
  • Most programs allow registration by phone with a credit card to reserve your place. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed (and your place is not reserved) until we have received your payment.
  • Annual memberships can be paid via the above listed options as well as through monthly credit card billing or payroll deduction for permanent faculty/staff who are paid over 12 months.
Membership Freezes

Memberships can be frozen because of extended travel or medical conditions. Written documentation is required. A minimum of 30 days is required for Membership Freezes. Pending approval, your membership length will be extended. Parking permits must be surrendered at the time of the Freeze. Freeze requests can be completed using the following form.

Membership Change Request Form

Monthly Fee Charge

During your freeze period for auto-debit memberships, a brief charge will be placed on your credit card that will be removed prior to our credit card billing settlement due to the way our software processes credit card payments.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Membership Cancelations
  • Paid-in-full memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Auto-debit and payroll deduction memberships, which continue indefinitely, may be cancelled after one year with no penalties. Please complete the Membership Change Request Form (link below) and provide at least 30 days notice.
  • When purchasing an auto-debit or payroll deduction membership, you are committing to a one-year contract. This contract entitles you to a discounted membership rate every month throughout the year. By breaking your contract, you are also waiving your right to the discounted rate. Penalties apply when an auto-debit or payroll deduction membership is cancelled before one year of membership. If you are considering cancelling your auto-debit or payroll deduction membership before the minimum one-year agreement, please use the following formula to evaluate the actual cost of your membership:
    • Monthly rate of your category (not the auto-debit or payroll deduction rate) x Number of active months + Monthly parking pass rate x Number of active months + $20 Processing fee - Amount you have already paid this year = Remaining balance (compare this to the cost of remaining active through the contract date)

Membership Change Request Form


Members are eligible to receive discounts on any membership, locker rental, or towel service purchase. Only one discount may be applied per purchase (cannot stack - maximum of 10% off). Members must provide valid photo ID card or other proof to receive discount. We do not refund any money based on past eligibility.

  • Seniors (60+ years old)
  • Golden Buckeye: All Ohioans age 60 or older, as well as adults age 18-59 who have disabilities as defined by Social Security, are eligible for a free Golden Buckeye card.
  • Active/Veteran Military: All active, reserve, guard and veteran military personnel and their immediate family qualify for this discount. Valid identification card required at the time of purchase. Military personnel and their immediate family also receive free access to the SRWC on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
  • Police/Fire/EMT
  • Charter Members: Charter memberships were given to our first 250 membership-purchasing students, faculty/staff and community members. Recipients will always be considered charter members regardless of their membership status.