League Information

All games are fully refereed on our the 150' x 80' recreational ice rink. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent by hitting the ball into your opponent's net using your broom. Players wear shoes or special rubber-soled shoes instead of skates, and the ice is prepared in such a way to provide extra traction. Tactics and plays are similar to those used ice hockey and roller hockey.

There is a maximum of 32 teams, with the Blue League designed for teams with three or more semesters of experience and the Gold League designed for teams with less than three semesters of experience. Each team will compete in six regular season games. A single elimination tournament for teams that qualify will determine the champion. The Blue League plays all of its games on Wednesday late evenings and the Gold League plays its games on Sunday and Tuesday late evenings. The Ice Arena will provide helmets, broom sticks and balls. Teams are responsible for providing matching uniforms in the form of t-shirts or jerseys.