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Climbing Wall

Climbing Options

While our 35-foot wall may look challenging, we make climbing easy. Interested participants have two options when it comes to scaling our indoor climbing wall. 
*Please note: patrons must first gain access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (through an existing membership or purchase of a guest pass) to participate in the climbing options outlined below.

Option I: All climbers must successfully pass our free Safety and Skills Test to receive unlimited access to the climbing wall for four months. Our Introduction to Climbing Clinic is available, and highly encouraged, to make sure climbers are prepared to pass the exam.

Memberships: $15 for 1 semester / $25 for 2 semesters

Option II: Pay $4 for each visit and climb with the assistance of our staff members.

Try-climb: $4
Daily Guest Pass: $6

Equipment Rental

We provide all the necessary equipment for climbing. Climbers may use their own harnesses provided the wall staff approves them. All climbers must use the provided belay devices, carabineers and ropes.

  • Harness: Free
  • Shoes: Free
  • Belay Device: Free

Climbing Clinics

Advanced Climbing Clinic 

This clinic teaches and provides in-depth information about a variety of topics ranging from climbing technique to equipment to self rescue. The course can be designed based on the needs and interests of at least a group of three. Each course offering is by appointment only. Please contact the Climbing Wall Staff to schedule a day and time and to complete registration.

Date: May 18 or by appointment
Fee: Student $8, Member $10, Non-Member $12
Registration Deadline: May 31
Age Requirement: 13 years or older

Introduction to Climbing 

This two and a half hour program covers the basics of indoor climbing including: equipment, bouldering, top rope climbing and belaying with an ATC and GriGri device. This program sets up an individual with no prior experience to take our belay test, which is required when purchasing a wall membership. 

Date: Monday, May 21
Time: 5:30 - 8 p.m.
Fee: Free
Age Requirement: 13 years or older

Introduction to Rappelling 

This course teaches participants how to descend the wall via rappelling from the top. Each course offering is by appointment only. 

Date: May 18 or by appointment
Fee: Student $10, Member $15, Non-Member $20
Age Requirement: 13 years or older

Family Climbing Clinic 

This clinic provides the opportunity to learn the ropes, complete an Intro to Climbing program, or have personalized staff belaying for up to five family members. Youth must be 13 or older to learn to belay. A minimum of three is needed to participate in try climbing. Everyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and wear a helmet. 

Date: Wednesday, May 18
Fee: Student $20, Member $25, Nonmember $30

Introduction to sport climbing 

This course introduces the skills required to sport climb including: equipment clipping, leading and belaying. We apologize but we will not be offering Introduction To Sport Climbing this semester.