Counselor-In-Training Program

The Counselor-In-Training Program (CIT) is available to those campers who are age 12 and above.

This program requires an application, camper interview and going through Counselor Training for one week. Please note that this Training Week would be split between camp activities with Teen Camp and Counselor Training.

Since we will be spending the time training your campers and wanting them to get the most out of this experience, we have set a minimum attendance policy to be involved in the CIT Program:

  • All CIT Applicants must attend PEAK Summer Camp for a minimum of three weeks, within a four week stretch.
  • To get the most out of the experience, the more weeks in attendance, the better!
  • If your camper is only available for a few weeks or periodically throughout the summer, we ask you to have them participate in Teen Camp.

If your camper is accepted into this program, they will still be considered a camper in all aspects of camp. We do this for attendance and ratios purposes, which we are required to stay within by ACA Guidelines.

Once your camper completes their Counselor Training, they will be assigned to a group where they would assist the Camp Counselors each week. Items that they will be assisting with:

  • Check-In Process
  • Check-Out Process
  • Assist with monitoring their assigned group
  • Assist with leading activities
  • Assist with helping Counselors plan and organize programming
  • If we have any major campus field trips planned for Teen Camp, the CITs will be involved with those opportunities and then returned to their group. We don’t want to exclude them from those great learning opportunities, by being involved in this program.

We also are planning to offer some leadership and development seminars throughout the summer. The CITs will be involved in those opportunities as well.

Don’t worry, swimming will still be a part of their weekly schedule!

If there are any questions regarding the CIT Program, please contact Joshua or David!