Court Priorities

The SRWC was created to offer “something for everyone” with no emphasis on age, gender, or ability.

  • The priority list for each facility space denotes what activities are available and what facility has priorities that may “bump" other activities from each space.
  • Any group who wishes to bump another activity during a priority time should find the facility supervisor to assist in the setup of the facility space.
  • Any open space may be utilized for any approved activity on a first come-first serve basis until a higher priority begins.
  • Due to high demand and limited space to use the multi-purpose gym and combative studio, informal recreation participants will be limited to maximum of one hour.
  • The appropriate number of players is needed to bump an activity from an area.

Sports Arena Court 1: Offline for Reservations

  1. Intramurals/Community leagues/Youth programs
  2. Sport Clubs
  3. Facility Rental
  4. Informal Recreation- Volleyball
  5. Informal Recreation- 1⁄2 Court Basketball

Sports Arena Court 2:

  1. Intramurals/Community leagues/Youth programs
  2. Sport Clubs
  3. Facility Rental
  4. Informal Recreation - Basketball

Sports Arena Court 3

  1. Intramurals/ Community League/ Youth Programs
  2. Sport Clubs - Fencing
  3. Informal Recreation - Basketball
  4. Facility Rental

Sports Arena Court 4

  1. Informal Recreation - Badminton/ Pickleball
  2. TLC
  3. Sport Clubs
  4. Intramurals/Camps
  5. Facility Rental

Multi-Purpose Gym

  1. TLC (day)/Sport Clubs(evening)
  2. Intramurals/Camps
  3. Facility Rental
  4. Informal Recreation** (one hour limit when other sports/activities are waiting- reservations made the day of and in-person have priority)
  5. Fitness and Wellness as needed

Fitness Floor

  1. Informal Recreation
  2. Fitness Program/Non-Credit Instruction

Racquetball Courts #1,2

  1. Intramurals
  2. Informal Recreation

Racquetball Courts #3, 4

  1. Informal Recreation
  2. Facility Rental

Combative Studio

  1. Fitness/Wellness Programs
  2. Sport Clubs
  3. TLC
  4. Facility Rental

Sand Volleyball Courts

  1. Intramurals/Clubs
  2. PEP/PEB Classes
  3. Informal Recreation
  4. Facility Rental