Entry Policies

Member Entry

Upon entering the SRWC, all members must present a valid FLASHcard/Membership ID at the welcome desk. The welcome desk closes 15 minutes prior to building closing. No patrons will be permitted to enter after that time.

Forgotten Flashcard/Membership ID

All active members must present their FLASHcard/Membership ID to access the facility. Those who have forgotten their FLASHcard/Membership ID are issued a courtesy pass to the facility, which can be utilized twice per semester. Members who do not have their FLASHcard/Membership ID and have been previously allowed these two courtesy passes during the semester will be denied access to the facility. However, they may pay a $10 daily pass rate to gain access to the facility by providing an alternate form of valid photo identification (ex. driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID, etc.). Members who have used the two courtesy passes and do not have an alternate form of valid photo identification will not be permitted access to the facility. The two courtesy passes will reset at the beginning of the following semester.

Lost Flashcard/Membership ID

Any community member who has lost their Membership ID must stop into the Pro Shop to get a replacement card printed. Any student, faculty or staff member who has lost his or her campus ID must go to the FLASHcard office for a replacement.

Unauthorized Entry Attempt

Any individual who is found in the building without proof of appropriate access or who is attempting to gain illegal access will be removed from the facility. If an individual is caught, conduct court and/or legal action may be pursued.

Presentation of False ID

If the SRWC staff has determined that an individual is using a false ID, the staff member will confiscate the ID and inform the individual that he or she needs to schedule a meeting with management. The individual on the ID card will have facility access rights removed until the meeting. Management has the right to adjust punishment standards based on the severity and intent of the situation. Student Conduct may be pursued.