Equipment and Activity Supplies

Racquet and Paddle Sports:

  • Racquetball: four courts at the SRWC, first floor
  • Table Tennis: one table at the SRWC, first floor
  • Badminton: one net at the SRWC, basketball court four
  • Pickleball: available for setup in the SRWC

Ball Sports

  • Volleyball: two sand courts at the SRWC, indoor courts available for set up, volleyball has priority on basketball court one
  • Basketball: four indoor courts in the SRWC, one outdoor court near the student recreation fields. For your safety, all extra apparel, equipment, and personal belongings must be kept in the bench areas. Dunking is permitted, handing on rims/nets is prohibited. While full-court games are in progress, spectators may not shoot at either basket for safety of all participants.
  • Soccer: one indoor court in the SRWC located in the Multi-Purpose Gym, two fields location at the Student Recreation Fields
  • Wallyball: available for setup in the SRWC Racquetball Courts


  • Locks: Rental locks are available free of charge for daily use lockers to secure personal items.  Recreational Services is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen personal property.