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  • Membership: $25/year
  • Up to 3 hours per day: Free
  • > 3 hours: $1/hour
  • Daily max. charge: $10


  • Membership: $35/year
  • Up to 3 hours per day: Free
  • > 3 hours: $1/hour
  • Daily max. charge: $10

Non - KSU Member

  • Membership: $45/year
  • Up to 3 hours per day: Free
  • > 3 hours: $1/hour
  • Daily max. charge: $20

Pay As You Go: Per Hour $2 Daily Max. Charge $20

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What’s New

  • New rental quality, durable bikes with lights, baskets, and integrated locks.
  • New locations throughout campus and downtown Kent, including the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, Eastway Center, Van Campen Hall, Tri-Towers, Terrace Hall, Stopher-Johnson, the Kent Student Center and PARTA in downtown Kent.
  • New option to return a bike to any Flashfleet kiosk or station.
  • New technology, allowing users to access Flashfleet with their smartphones.
  • New fee structure, offering memberships or pay as you go options.

How It Works

How to Register

Four ways to sign up using your credit or debit card:

  • At a Flashfleet kiosk
  • On the nextbike mobile app available for download on Google Play, iTunes App store, or the Windows Phone Store.
  • Using the online form above
  • By calling 330-474-0785

Ways to Rent

  • Smartphone app
  • On-board computer
  • Flashfleet kiosk at Risman Plaza or downtown Kent
  • Calling customer service at 330-474-0785

During the Ride

  • Remove cable from bike fork and secure it in the basket holder.
  • During the rental, park temporarily by using the cable lock on any bike dock.
  • Until the bike is returned to a Flashfleet dock, rental time will continue to accrue.
  • To unlock the bike again, enter unlock code into the on-board computer.
  • Ride your bike anywhere though campus and downtown Kent. Should you need to take a quick stop during your rental, you may temporarily lock the bike outside of the official stations using the cable lock.
  • Be sure to keep track of your time. Until your bike is returned to an official station, time will continue to count against your time limit and your account will be charged.

Returning Bikes

  • Return bikes to any Flashfleet station or kiosk.
  • Insert the bike into the dock, lock it with the cable lock and confirm the return via the on-board computer.
  • At docking station: push the front wheel of the bike into the dock and lock basket lock through dock into bike.
  • If station is full: lock bike to itself through the front wheel with cable lock and leave it next to the station. Feel free to call customer service to return. 
  • Feel free to call customer service to return or confirm return at: 330-474-0785

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