Starting this summer, riders of all abilities will be able to take advantage of Kent State University’s new bikeshare system provided by VeoRide, a micromobility share company based in Chicago. The dockless system is the first multimodal system of its kind in the nation, comprised of 100 pedal bikes, 68 e-bikes, 10 fat-tire bikes and two ADA-compli­ant handcycles. VeoRide pedal bikes will be available for rent either by a pay-as-you-go arrangement or through a membership plan, discounted for students and Kent State faculty and staff. Riders can locate a nearby bike via their smart phone and unlock the joy of bike riding for a quick commute or simply a ride to enjoy the outdoors.

Veoride Employment – Part-time Bike Fleet Technician

Download the  VeoRide App today!

Step 1: Find a ride.

Use the VeoRide app to find an available bike near you.

Step 2: Scan to unlock

Scan the bike's QR code or enter its ID to unlock it. Enjoy your ride!

Step 3: Lock it, Leave It
When you're done, park in any area designated in the app. Push the slider on the lock to end your trip.


                           Faculty / Staff / Students * Community Members & Visitors
Pay As You Ride  $0.50 cents every 15 minutes  $0.50 cents every 15 minutes
Day Pass $3.99 for unlimited 2-hour rides
for a 24-hour span
$6.99 for unlimited 2-hour rides
for a 24-hour span
Monthly Pass **  $13.99  $28.99
Yearly Pass **   $48.99  $99.99

* Faculty, staff and students must use their Kent State email address for their account to receive Faculty/Staff/Student pricing.

** Monthly and yearly plans include unlimited 60-minute rides within the period. Memberships include pedal bikes only.

Rider Safety Tips

  • Check the bike before riding. Use the app to request maintenance.
  • Protect your head and wear a helmet.
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Follow traffic and stay in your lane to prevent accidents
  • Use hand gestures to let others know where you are going.
  • Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings!

Park Bikes Responsibly

  • A bike rack is the safest place to park. If the rack is full, you can park right next to it.
  • Park in the furniture zone of the sidewalk or near the tree line.
  • Don't block benches, patios, fire hydrants, or other furniture.
  • Use the app to be sure the area is within the service area.
  • Don't block doorway or driveways with bikes.
  • Don't block cross walks or sidewalk traffic when parking.
  • Don't leave bikes on hills or the curb. This leads to safety hazards.

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