Golden Splashes - Youth Swim Team

Golden Splashes Swim Team is canceled until further notice.


The Kent State Golden Splashes seeks to provide an atmosphere that supports hard work, a healthy physical routine,and the development of a rewarding, competitive mindset while having fun in a team setting.


1: To demonstrate the life lesson that success and rewarding gratification can be achieved with hard work.

2: To develop life long, commitment to health and wellness that can be instilled at an early age.

3: To provide an atmosphere that inspires swimmers to achieve their maximum potential, though a competitive, athletic setting.

4: We are especially excited to share the joy and excitement that can be found in competing while having fun in a team environment.

Golden Splashes is a youth swim team for children who have completed Level 3 and higher in our Learn to Swim program. The group focuses on team work, competitive swimming techniques and swimming for fitness.