Group X | RECREATIONAL SERVICES | Kent State University

What is Group X?

Group X classes are instructor-lead group workouts designed to help participants reach their fitness goals.  These classes cater to any fitness level and are offered in a variety of different formats to meet everyone’s needs.

Pricing Information

  • Single entry: $7
  • Unlimited Pass: Student - $45, Member - $55.

Class Registration (new this summer!)

  • Participants can purchase individual or semester pass. 
  • Single entry can be purchased online at time of registration.
  • Unlimited pass must be purchased in person at Pro Shop.
  • Pre-registration required minimum of 30 minutes before class.
  • Check-in starts 15 minutes before class and you must check-in at least 5 minutes before class starts to guarantee your spot.  After that time, wait list participants may be added.
  • No participants can enter classroom once class has started.

Register for Group X class online

Semester Class Schedule

Summer Schedule: Monday, May 20 - Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019

Class Descriptions

Aqua Deep
A non-impact combination of cardiovascular and strength training that takes place in the deep end of our pool.  All Levels

Aqua Shallow
Increase your strength and endurance with low impact movements in the shallow end of the pool.  All Levels

Barre Curve
Focus your strength, balance and control in this blend of Pilates, yoga and basic ballet exercises.  All Levels

Balls & Bands
Improve your strength, balance and flexibility in this class focused on using physio balls and resistance bands.  All Levels

Barre Power
Stretch, tone and feel the burn with this redesigned barre class that includes fat burning, bodyweight exercises and muscle lengthening stretches.  All Levels

Bend "N" Barre
Strengthen and lengthen.  Relieve and Namaste.  Increase your strength, endurance and flexibility with a blend of yoga and ballet inspired dance exercises.   All Levels

Get all the benefits of a full Barre class in this express, 30-minute class using dance and bodyweight movements, designed to strengthen, tone, and make you look and feel your best. All Levels 

Buti Yoga
Buti is movement!  Join the tribe and check out this dynamic Vinyasa Yoga practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement.  All Levels

BOOM Mind/Body
Focus on improving balance and flexibility in this yoga and Pilates inspired, invigorating workout geared toward beginners and older patrons looking to step up their fitness levels.  All Levels

BOOM Move It
Dance to the beat of hip hop or move to the rhythms of a mambo.  Beginners and older patrons needing a low-impact, but higher intensity cardio workout can have fun learning dance steps from every era.  All Levels

BOOM Muscle
 There’s never a dull moment in this action-packed beginner and older patron inspired workout featuring a combination of strength training and athletic moves taken from your favorite sports like golf and tennis.  All Levels

Butts & Guts
Flash in for a quick 45-minute workout focusing on the entire core, from your glutes to your abs.  All Levels

Creative Movement
Relax and recharge while flowing through an array of yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gung movements and breath work.  All Levels

Glow Spin
Glow Spin is an indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio set to an upbeat playlist with vibrant flashing lights.  Join this fun and trendy Spinning class to up your strength and endurance while jamming out to soulful music under the glow of neon lights! All Levels

Insanity Live
Insanity Live is extreme cardio conditioning for every fitness level.  Together, you will build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, and develop precision and speed – without lifting a single weight.  2-3 dumbbells

Lunch Rush:  Aqua Deep & Aqua Shallow
Take a quick dip in the deep or shallow end of the pool in these low-impact but high intensity workouts to improve muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance.  All Levels

Lunch Rush:  Balls & Bands
Improve your strength, balance and flexibility in this 45-minute class focused on using physio balls and resistance bands.  All Levels

Lunch Rush:  Spinning
Short on time but still want to sweat? Get in.  Gear up.  Get out. This express 45-minute cycling workout is designed to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  All Levels

Mat Pilates
Strengthen and trim your waistline while improving body alignment in this non-impact, non-aerobic, deep muscle conditioning class.  1-2 dumbbells

Multilevel Yoga
Designed for any level yogi, this class builds on basic yoga postures to expand into deeper movements, breath and mind awareness.  All Levels

Make some noise and get ready to transform your body through a fusion of rhythmic cardio interval training and drumming. This lively, heart-pumping class set to upbeat music will keep your workouts feeling fun and fresh. All Levels 

Power Pilates
Transform your body and increase your energy using controlled precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen your muscles.  All Levels

Come full circle with this intense, full body workout that combines step aerobics with strength and core exercises. All Levels 

Power Yoga
Gain strength, flexibility and mental awareness, while focusing on the physical aspect of yoga.  2-3 dumbbells

REFIT Revolution
 Change your body.  Change your mind.  Change your life.  REFIT combines powerful dance and resistance training movements with positive music that will change your body and your life.  All Levels

Get your heart and legs stronger as you go through an hour of flat roads, hills and jumps on the bike.  All Levels

Sunrise Yoga
A perfect way to start your week off right!  Great for all levels, join in and experience an invigorating combination of Vinyasa flow stretching and breathing techniques. All Levels

Super Spin 50/50
A fusion Spin class filled with strength and core conditioning.  All Levels

Total Body Conditioning
Strengthen the cardiovascular and muscular systems using a variety of strength and agility equipment combined with body weight exercises.  2-3 dumbbells

Feel the power. Feel the rhythm. Feel the beat. Flow through your yoga practice with the energizing sounds of Trap, a southern style of Hip Hop. All Levels 

TRX 101
Use your bodyweight and gravity on the TRX Suspension Trainer to increase core strength and muscular endurance.  1-2 dumbbells

TRX Boot Camp
Work your entire body and push past your limits in this boot camp style class using strength equipment, body weight exercises and body suspension training.  All Levels

Vinyasa Yoga
Move through the power of the breath in this smooth flowing class to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as developing a sense of well-being and inner stillness.  All Levels

Weighted Barre
Lengthen and strengthen your muscles for a long lean look with this redesigned Barre class that includes dance-based moves mixed with resistance exercise. All Levels

 WERQ is a fun and fiercely addictive cardio dance fitness class based on the hottest pop, rock and hip hop music.  The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat.  All Levels

Yin Yang Yoga
A unique class that combines power poses, core work and balance with restorative postures that help you relax and focus on breath work.  All Levels

Yin Yoga
This slow and restful class consists of a series of longer held, passive floor poses that emphasize correct posture and lower body flexibility.  All Levels

Yoga Basics
For beginners or continuing students, this class will help you learn yogic fundamentals and develop a solid yoga foundation.  1 dumbbell

Learn to use the tools of the Yoga trade. Props such as blocks, straps and sandbags allow practitioners to gain even more benefits from postures and breath work. All Levels 

Zumba – A fusion of Latin and international music, combining fast and slow rhythms that will tone and sculpt the body.  All Levels