Guest Passes

Semester/Annual Member Guest Passes

Semester and annual members receive (2) free guest passes per semester. 

Short-Term Passes

We offer several options for guests visiting our facility on a short-term basis. Sponsored guests of current members pay a discounted fee when purchasing a guest pass. Children aged 4 and under are free. 

  Child (5 - 12) Sponsored (13+) Unsponsored (13+)
Day Pass $5 $10 $12
3-Day Pass $10 $20 $24
Week Pass $15 $30 $36

5-Punch Passes

5-punch passes are available for infrequent guests and are valid for the whole day for which they are redeemed.  These passes never expire and may only be redeemed by the guest who is assigned the punches.  Multiple punch passes can be purchased simultaneously in increments of 5 punches.

Child (5 - 12) Sponsored (13+) Unsponsored (13+)
$20 $40 $50