Ice Arena Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following information regarding frequently asked questions for the Ice Arena regarding your online profile, program registration and purchasing admission.

Online account

Have you registered for any Recreational Services program, membership, or rental (includes Ice Arena) through our online registration portal?


  1. Log-in to your online account by clicking “LOG-IN”
  2. If you don’t remember your log-in information then select Click Here  if you're having trouble signing in”
  3. Enter your account email address and select “RESET PASSWORD”
  4. You should receive an email to set up/reset your password

Current Kent State University Faculty/Staff and Students:  Please enter your FLASHline credentials to log into the Web Portal.  Please DO NOT create a new or separate account.


  1. Click “SIGN UP”
  2. Enter account information
  3. Click “REGISTER”
  4. Check your email provided during the sign-up process and ACTIVATE your account
Adding family members
  1. Log-in to your account
  2. Click on username in upper right corner of the screen and select “PROFILE”
  3. Your PROFILE is considered “HEAD OF FAMILY”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on “ADD FAMILY”
    • Add information about spouse, partner, and/or children
    • Click “SAVE”
    • Repeat the same process for additional family members
    • When finished, scroll to top of page, and select “RETURN TO HOME”
Purchasing admission and skate rental
  1. From the home screen click on “ICE ARENA”
  2. Left side of screen click “ICE ARENA” under Classification
  3. Left side of screen click “PUBLIC SKATING SESSIONS” under Category
  4. Click “PUBLIC SKATE”
  5. Click blue “REGISTER” button under Program Instances for desired date and time to attend a public skating session.
  6. Click blue “REGISTER” button for the family member you would like to register.
  7. Please read the WAIVER carefully and click on the “GREY” box to electronically sign.
  8. Sign the WAIVER and click on the blue “SIGN NOW” box to submit signature.
  9. To purchase rental skates, click small black box underneath skate rental price, and click blue “ADD & CONTINUE”
  10. If you have your own skates, leave small black box unchecked and click blue “ADD & CONTINUE”
  11. To add another public session admission, click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” and repeat steps 2-10.
  12. To checkout, click “CHECKOUT”.
  13. Complete payment process and an email confirmation will be sent shortly.
Are face coverings required at the Ice Arena?

Yes, as of Sept. 17, face coverings are required indoors for everyone, age 5 and up, regardless of vaccination status, on all Kent State campuses.  Exceptions to this requirement are players and referees during on-ice competition.  Facial coverings are strongly recommended for preschool aged children.  Facial coverings are required immediately upon entering the building.  Any person not wearing a facial covering will be asked to wear one immediately or will be given one to wear.  Complete refusal to wear a facial covering will result in one being asked to immediately leave the facility.

If enforcing face coverings becomes unmanageable, open recreation hours may be restricted or facilities closed.

Activities that do not require a face covering:

  • Players on ice during practices and games
  • Players rest period between shifts
  • Referees who are actively officiating a game
  • Figure skaters involved with strenuous routines
    • We strongly recommend referees and figure skaters wear a facial covering during non-strenuous parts of a game and/or routine

Activities that require a face covering:

  • On-ice coaches and instructors
  • Coaches standing on the bench during a game
  • Players and coaches inside a locker room
  • Required for all other activities
  • Players involved in static, stationary stretch and/or dynamic warmup off the ice

If enforcing face coverings becomes unmanageable, open recreation hours may be restricted or facilities closed.

Can I receive an exemption from wearing a face covering? 

Kent Campus students requesting an accommodation from wearing a face covering should contact Student Accessibility Services at or by calling 330-672-3391. Regional Campus students should submit requests to their SAS representatives on their respective campuses. Faculty or staff seeking an accommodation should email Kent State’s Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action at or call 330-672-2038.

All community members must contact the Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action